This is what established by the aid of British government

Pakhribas Agricultural Centre Nepal

Agriculture Research station, Pakhribas is one of the multidimensional, multicrop, multisubject research centre. It was established in 2028 B.S.(1972 A.D.) by the aid of British government in the name of Pakhribas Agriculture Centre.

The station was established to rehabilitate the retired British army resident in Purwaanchal development region. During the initial phase, the station mainly focused on training and agricultural extension and at present, it gives importance and work on agriculture research too. It was handed to Nepal government in 2055 B.S. (1998 A.D.) and works under Nepal Agriculture Research Council(NARC). The station is situated in Pakhribas V.D.C of Dhankuta district, ward No:7 Fhangduwa. It is located 4 km west from Hile or 17 km Northwest from Dhankuta city in southern side. Its altitude ranges from 1100-2000 m above from sea level.

The station occupies 1840 Ropani (92 ha) and has average rainfall of 1600 mm annually, minimum temperature ranges from 4.9-9.6 degree celcius and maximum temperature ranges from 14.3-27 degree celcius.


Its major working area is the 10 districts of Purwaanchal Development Region, i.e.Taplejung,Panchthar,Ilam,Dhankuta,Terathum,Bhojpur,Sankhuwasawa,Khotang,Okhaldhunga and Solukhumbhu.


To develop agriculture, animal and agriculture related technique on high, mid and low hills of eastern development region.
2. To increase economic level of farmers living on eastern hills by improving their agricultural system.
3. To study socio-economic condition of farmers to identify and develop appropriate farmer related technique.
4. To train farmers and agricultural technician and to provide technical support to Nepal government’s agriculture and rural development program.
5. To establish coordination and contact with different stakeholders to transfer technique.
6. Production and sale, distribution of different crops such as vegetable crops,fruit crops,cardamom,tea,timber plants,saplings,respective crop’s seeds.


1)Research on different cereals and grain legume crops and production and sale distribution of their seeds.
2)Research on different vegetable crops and production and sale distribution of their seeds.
3)Research on different fruit crops and production and sale distribution of fruit plants.
4)Research on tea, coffee and commercial crops and production and sale distribution of them.
5)Research on Pakhribas kalo Bangur, Giriraj hen and khari goat and production and sale distribution of them.
6)Research on different dale grass,herbs,ayurvedic,timber plants and decorative flowers and production and sale distribution of them.


Under station there are working offices, staff quarter, soil, entomology, pathology, animal science lab, guest house, conference hall, community hall, hostel, library, training building.

Research and production- 200 Ropani(10 ha)
Fruit garden – 120 Ropani(6 ha)
Building and road – 200 Ropani(10 ha)
Jungle,pasture land – 1320 Ropani(66 ha)
Total – 1840 Ropani(92 ha)


1)Production and sale distribution of respective seeds.
2)Production and sale distribution of saplings.
3)Production and sale distribution of animals(goat and pig) and birds(hen).
4)Provide agriculture related technical services and consultation.
5)Soil testing and crops conservation services.
6)Animal diseases exploration.


1)Pakhribas kalo bangur was developed in this station.
2)First time in Nepal, Giriraj hen was discovered in this station and further it was researched and promotionally advertised.
3)Research, technique development and advertisement on off season vegetables on eastern hills.
4)Develop cultivation of tomato and other vegetables under tunnel technique.
5)Exploration and identification of different diseases in animals (goat and pig) and birds(hen). – By Sushant Khadka, Member, ASLF — Watch the video visualised by Narayan Kumar Rai for Dhankuta Khabar online media.

धनकुटा खबर नेटवर्क सर्भिस प्रा. लि.
सूचना विभाग दर्ता नं. : ५४६/०७४-७५
हाम्रो टिम
प्रबन्ध निर्देशक / सम्पादक : विष्णु विक्रम निरौला
सह-सम्पादक : मोहन राई पर्देशी
उप-सम्पादक : नारायण कुमार राई
भिडियो संवाददाता : विदुर खबास
संवाददाता : शर्मिला राई, विकास घिमिरे, करुणा
ग्राफिक्स डिजाइनर : विदुर कुँवर
साहित्य/ लेख : ओम प्रकाश निरौला
राशिफल : ज्यो . पं . सरोज घिमिरे
कानुनी सल्लाहकार : बम बहादुर खत्री

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