Interview With Menuka Paudel (one of the popular contestants of first Nepal Idol)

Menuka Paudel was one of the popular contestants of first Nepal Idol. She gave her audition from Kathmandu. She reached top 11 and got eliminated. All of the contestants and the judges of Nepal Idol cried during her elimination. She was along with Sandhya Joshi in bottom two. She got few votes than other contestants of Nepal Idol and got eliminated.

Menuka Paudel is a permanent resident of Jhapa. She was blind since her birth. Her father is abroad for job opportunities. She came to Kathmandu to learn music after her SLC. She stayed in a blind hostel in Samakhushi. She did not blame the management and judges of Nepal Idol for her elimination. She accepted her elimination.

In an interview with K Creation, Menuka Paudel stated that she received unconditional love of audiences from Nepal Idol. She also stated that she had done some stage programs after being eliminated and was busy in recording of songs. She also stated that she was very happy to get an offer from Ram Krishna Dhakal to sing with him. She also talked about the controversies in Nepal Idol following the comments by singer Ram Krishna Dhakal.


धनकुटा खबर नेटवर्क सर्भिस प्रा. लि.
सूचना विभाग दर्ता नं. : ५४६/०७४-७५
हाम्रो टिम
प्रबन्ध निर्देशक / सम्पादक : विष्णु विक्रम निरौला
सह-सम्पादक : मोहन राई पर्देशी
उप-सम्पादक : नारायण कुमार राई
संवाददाता : शर्मिला राई, कोकिला भण्डारी, सावित्रा घोर्साने
भिडियो : विदुर खबास, लक्की शेर्पा, करुणा
ग्राफिक्स डिजाइनर : विदुर कुँवर
साहित्य/ लेख : ओम प्रकाश निरौला
राशिफल : ज्यो . पं . सरोज घिमिरे
कानुनी सल्लाहकार : बम बहादुर खत्री

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